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10+ Years 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

This service provides transportation for patients who do not require emergency medical attention but still need assistance traveling to medical appointments, therapy, dialysis treatments, or other medical procedures. Our drivers are trained to provide safe and comfortable transportation for individuals with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and special needs.

Wheelchair Transport

For those who have sustained injuries that limit their mobility, we offer wheelchair transportation services to ensure they get to their appointments safely and comfortably.


Auto Injury 

We provide transportation for individuals who have been injured in a car accident. This service is designed to help those who have suffered from injuries that prevent them from driving or using public transportation to get to their medical appointments.

Workers' compensation

 We provide non-emergency medical transport for injured employees who need to attend medical appointments, physical therapy sessions, or other healthcare services related to their workplace injury.


School Transportation

We  provide reliable and secure transportation services for school districts, including transportation for special needs students.

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